Brian Freeman Adventurer on the Best Travel Podcasts

Brian Freeman
2 min readDec 13, 2022


There’s nothing better than listening to a well-produced travel podcast to get excited about your next adventure. Even though travel is still unpredictable, the podcast travel world is thriving. Each podcast on this list encompasses different aspects of adventure travel.

The Travel Diaries

The Travel Diaries is a weekly British podcast full of international appeal. Host Holly Rubenstein has access to some of the country’s most adored personalities and actors. The format of the show is simple and effective.

Each week, guests share their favorite travel stories, and the show features a seven-chapter narrative filled with insight and reflection. The Travel Diaries transports you to new places through the stories of Britain’s great storytellers.

Armchair Explorer

The goal of the Armchair Explorer is to provide a unique perspective on travel and the best stories told from the road. This show is highly recommended, though you only need to listen to a few episodes to get a taste of why.

Aaron Miller is a journalist and award-winning travel writer who brings his own unique perspective to the table. He uses a documentary-style format to present stories of adventure. Unlike other travel shows, the Armchair Explorer doesn’t focus on repetitive interviews.

Abroad in Japan

Pete Donaldson and Chris Broad started their podcast Abroad in Japan after a mutual interest in the country. While it isn’t exactly what you’d expect from a travel show, it’s still a great way to appreciate and understand another culture.

The two British men are eager to dive deep into the various facets of Japanese life. They spend their time talking about Japan and providing their listeners with a taste of the country through multiple reports and tips.

Not Lost

Brendan Newnam is a veteran of the podcasting world and hosts Not Lost and a travel show full of stories about the best of the country. He might be familiar with some of the other shows you might have heard from.

After a long-term relationship and the end of a project, Newman decided to start a podcast. While doing so, he traveled to some of the world’s best food destinations.